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Awaken Fairs Nov.18 -Hudson Valley Catch it here from Any smart device

Experts in a variety of fields fill our Speakers' Schedule at the Awaken Fair.From MD’s to Shaman’s, from Tarot to Jewelry & much more.Learn & grow!

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Awaken Fairs Nov.18 -Hudson Valley Catch it here from Any smart device

AwakenfaircomRoom C 
10:15 Dr. Joshua Schulman ​" Achieving Self-Empowerment and               
Greater Presence with Higher Brain Living®" 
11:00  Kristin Sheehan "Addressing our Ancestor's Influence on 

            Our Relationship to Food"
11:45 Giulia Nesi  “A Spiritual Revolution: The Quest to 

             Experience God”
12:30 Dr. George Gertner "The Best Kept Secret in Healthcare"
1:15  Petra Rakebrandt “Yin is the New Black - How To Get Rid 

          Of Imbalances In Your Life”
2:00 Tippy Felzenstein “Pleasurable Productivity:  Imagine the                Discipline and Freedom to Have Full Control 

          Over Your Life”
2:45 Dr. Eric Kaplan​ "Brain Coach Answers All Your Questions 

          about Memory Loss, Insomnia, Fatigue & Anxiety"​
3:30 Simona Maneti “Unearthing Your Angelic Wings” 

4:15 Georgia Marantos "Tarot Talk"  
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